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Bitcoins at risk

Your Bitcoins at risk if you use it on an Android device. The Bitcoin Foundation has said a weakness in the Android mobile operating system has left users of the virtual currency Bitcoin vulnerable to theft. This problem is related to Android “wallet” apps such as Bitcoin Wallet and BitcoinSpinner. itcoin said the wallet problem had to do with Android’s ability to generate sequences of secure random numbers needed to keep the wallets safe. Some members in Bitcoin official forum fear users might have already lost thousands of dollars worth coins due to this vulnerability.

bitcoins at risk

BitCoin is the most popular among online virtual currencies. Some made huge profits when the currency system quickly gained so much popularity among those who looking new ways investing money online. Value per coin went up around $250 in peak times and now there is slow decrese in value. This new finding not going to help it either. More people might want to get rid of their BitCoins than keeping those still value go high.