Nature News

Heat waves 2013

Seems series of head waves happening around the world since start of this year. It has around happened in USA, India, UK, France and now it’s happening is China in some regions temperature has rinsed to 40c  ! BBC reports said already 20 or people has died because of heat.  It’s already become an very hot summer of many countries which usually welcome summer.  It’s not just humans effected but animals too.  Specially zoo animals who live in concrete enclosers.  In Shanghai Zoo, Tigers and lions receiving frozen meat and Chimpanzees having their fruits froze.  People are not that lucky to get any froze food but news says waterparks and lakes are packed with people.

What might cause these terrible heatwaves ? Is it global warming ? Or Those 2 big Tsunamis changes whole global climate patterns ? Whatever it is ever since 2000, there’s rise in Natural disasters like Earthquakes, Floods, Tsunamis,  Snow storms, Wild fires and now heat waves.  Maybe mother nature has decided it’s time for humankind to start their extinction. Humans have responsive for  destruction of over 75%  of rain forests in last 500 years and it’s still happening. African countries having decades long droughts and starvation.  North pole is melting already. So maybe Nature has finally decided it has had enough of it ..

Internet Web Hosting

Free Web Hosting

If you ask 100 people what they think about free web hosting then over 75% will tell you it’s a waste of time trying to use free web hosting. Is that true ? Well I don’t think they are completely correct about it.  There good free hosting providers out there among all the rotten eggs. Find one of these good free web hosting providers and you will happy just like at a paid hosting provider. The problem is finding a perfect free web hosting service among all these thousands of free hosting services.

First you have to understand this and always keep it in mind. It’s FREE ! don’t expect everything you want from a free hosting provider. Also you can’t made demands either.  If you want things happen fast and less problems then have to use paid hosting where they must provide you a good service and on time customer support.  That doesn’t work same with free web hosting.

Second thing is what you will be hosting. Never host anything important at a free web hosting unless you are a starter who have no other choice. If that is the case you need to take backups everyday of everytime you make a modify.  Not even paid hosting providers take responsibility of taking timely backups. It’s your job.  There are hosting providers who let you host WordPress and other CMS but most of big free hosting providers like Free Hostia has restrictions where you can’t run a WP blog. Also never ever try to run a forum in a free hosting provider. Even cheap paid hosting packages won’t good for that.

Make sure to do a research before settling on free hosting provider. Do a Google search and see what people tell about them. Don’t believe in every negative review you find there but you will get an idea. If the provider has been around for years then its good.  Also if they offer paid hosting and also have other ways to cover their server costs it’s good too because service will last longer. Some free hosting providers like YouHosting are blackListed by some IPS providers in USA, Canada and UK. You should check if everyone can view your site by checking with people living in those countries.

Don’t host your main sites on free sub-domain offered by free hosting provider. Because it’s their sub-domain and one day if they decide to close the service or you get kicked out you would loose all your hard work. These days it’s not hard to find or buy a top level domain like a .com. At Godaddy you can get one for less than $5. You have one whole year to renew it so you have year to start make profit from your web site.

So you can see free web hosting is not bad. Just don’t expect too much. It’s good they let you use it for free. But see what methods  they offer for support.  Live chat or ticket systems are not great when it comes to free web hosting. Forum based support is lot better because even users can help each other. You don’t need to wait for staff.

Earn Money Online Internet


BubbleWS another Squidoo like site which pay authors write articles for them.  It’s still in primitive stage they need lots of improvements to be done. Their system is not exactly like W Squidoo.  It’s a different system. They pay for activities happen on your articles which are call as Bubbles.  This is how you get paid,

  • 1 cent for every view your Bubbles get
  • 1 cent for every Like or Dislike.
  • 1-3 cents for Facebook share.
  • 1 cent for comment in Bubble.
  • 1-3 cents for Tweets.
  • 1-3 cents for Google+.

Unfortunately their point system is like asking to be cheated.  I saw one guy complain about not getting paid after doing massive retweetings.  As to his stats BubbleWS owns him 1k usd per week or something like this. Probably BubbleWS didn’t even earned that much from those Bubbles guy had made.

BubbleWS does have some some rules about making these Bubble articles. Each post need to have at least 400 characters  (not so good. This should be like at least 200 words),  No Adult materiel,  no duplicate content,  has to be written in English,  no Referral or Affiliate links etc

Their payments methods are Paypal, Checks and gift cards. You can redeem your earnings when it reach 24 USD.  Earnings suppose to take 4-5 days a clear. But this is where they have problems. They do not have a proper communication system for this. They need to build a proper system so can respond  and talk with members about their redeems. There are people who has received  2nd and 3rd payments not haven’t heard anything about the first payment.  If you are not getting paid for some reason they should send you a mail telling so with reason why. This is one to biggest problems they have. There must be at least 5000 members who actively writing articles and then at least 100 – 200 must be hitting the redeem button everyday. Verifying all their posts is not something is when there are only several people to do that. Understandable. But members should able to see the status of the payment.

Another few things they can improve is their editor is terribly simple and posts look way too dull unlike at Squidoo. Also site and functions looks like the whole thing was programmed by cheap programmer. This might be the reason why it’s always slow.  Now BubbleWS is well known and becoming established site they should do a complete overhaul of their web site.

BubbleWS is an very promising alternative to Squidoo. I wish I could put equal to Squidoo but I can’t. Not yet.  They need to do something about it so their site can stand long.  There are lots of people who has gotten paid by BubbleWS so they are not a scam.

Earn Money Online Internet

Earn Money Online

Earn money online is one of the most used topics ever discussed online.  It’s more or less like the gold rush where everyone want to try their luck. But the problem is there are over 1 million seasoned webmasters and internet marketers who already contesting for traffic. How can a newbie who just jumping into this race and make their mark ? Also what options do they have to earn money online ?

Many of those who are new to this believe they can earn money online without doing much work at all.  there are e-books which sell for $20 showing you a dream where you can be a milliner by one working one hour per day. People so much want to believe it so they refuse to see this might be too good to be true. Also some ending paying monthly for those training course where they teach you to earn thousands of dollars per month but in most cases you get nowhere after couple of months and give up.  Only those who really earn thousands $$$ are those who run these courses.

Sometimes it’s not the fault of earn money online course. There are some good courses but these need basic knowledge of working online and getting things done. Like  how to make HTML pages, how to deal with Web Hosting, How to register a domain name etc.  All these can take time. Because in most cases you need to build a web site or multiple web sites.

There are methods where you can earn money online directly without doing any site building. This is by providing various services. Like graphic designing, article writing, creating promo videos etc. There are small and big websites where you can find buyers. There are big freelance sites like and also where you can do small $5 work at Fiverr or SEOClerk. Content creation has a huge demand too. If you can write articles you can earn at least $3 per 400 word article. It might be hard first but when u get used to it you can write faster and also earn more with quality witting.

FOREX is another method to earn money online but this is very high risk method. This is foreign currency market. You buy currency and sell it just like stocks. You earn profit if the currency type has gained value by end of the day against other currency types.

But the best and most solid method is creating your own web site or a blog and then trying to monetize it. There are so many methods to do that like AdSense, Amazon and various other affiliate programs. It can take time and it’s not easy work but you can do it if you work hard. You will need to work couple of hours per day and result will be depends on your work. There are no limits how much you can earn since there is a 2 billion + people as your audience and market.

There are some methods you shouldn’t waste your time at all. Like PTC these not going work get you any more at all. All these are most scams or just pyramid sites. Sooner or later these sites go down or you just end up earning cents in each month.

Also there are places like Squidoo and BubbleWS. Where there provide you all. Domain, Hosting and you don’t need to work on HTML at all.  You can just write and make articles and the site share money earn from these pages with you.  Squidoo might not be the best anymore with their recent changes but there are other alternative sites you can use. BubbleWS has their own system but this is a new site.

So there are many ways to earn money online. It might not easy as you think but it can be done and you can make a living from it. Just you have to work. It’s not something like having a day job. You have to work till it start earning money and then you can relax and have more free time.


Squidoo Lens Locked

I have used Squidoo since last year (2012).  It was only since start of this year everything has started going wrong. I never made commercial money making lenses. Or spam lenses to use only to get links.  I just made few lenses for topics I like and I have to admit I didn’t bother much about it at all.  One lens was locked few months ago and I didn’t bother  about it. I didn’t know they delete those locked lenses after 2 months. Unfortunately I didn’t save content so its all gone. Okey it was my fault I should have learned more about this Link locking problem.  Specially when I saw most of my Squidoo buddies were leaving the site.

I started using Squidoo because of some of my friends who were addicted to that site.  None of these people use Squidoo anymore.  They had losts so many lenses and they had left the site heart broken.  These people were those who really loyal to Squidoo. They are not webmasters to those who do internet marketing. They were house wives and senior citizens who had started writing there in their free times. They loved the site because its more of social networking site like Facebook for them. Then they started earning money for their lenses so they started making more lenses.  Squidoo encourage everyone to make lenses they didn’t both asking members to make quality  so members started focusing on quantity.

Then since Google Panda update sites like Squidoo and Hub pages started getting hit. Squidoo must have lost traffic and ranking because they started reacting pretty strongly. There were new rules and stuff and they started deleting and locking lenes right and left. Squidoo used to have a Alexa rank around 75 and now it’s over 400.  Maybe they think Locking and deleting lenses will get them back to where they were. But I doubt. They are loosing their more loyal writers than spammers.

Spammers don’t care about these rules or lens locking. They make low quality lenses just to get back-links. and usually the process is automated and use spun content.  If one lens is deleted then just make another. But real writers take time to make a lenses and they put all their love into the lens so it hurts them when their lens is locked and delete. They would do everything to get their lenses unlocked if they know what are the reasons. But Squidoo really don’t provide much info about why they lock a lens.

Anyway long story in short, I have started developing this blog. I will write here about anything and everything. Maybe I will have better success than I had there at Squidoo. At least here it’s my site and my content. Nobody going to delete it.