Squidoo Lens Locked

I have used Squidoo since last year (2012).  It was only since start of this year everything has started going wrong. I never made commercial money making lenses. Or spam lenses to use only to get links.  I just made few lenses for topics I like and I have to admit I didn’t bother much about it at all.  One lens was locked few months ago and I didn’t bother  about it. I didn’t know they delete those locked lenses after 2 months. Unfortunately I didn’t save content so its all gone. Okey it was my fault I should have learned more about this Link locking problem.  Specially when I saw most of my Squidoo buddies were leaving the site.

I started using Squidoo because of some of my friends who were addicted to that site.  None of these people use Squidoo anymore.  They had losts so many lenses and they had left the site heart broken.  These people were those who really loyal to Squidoo. They are not webmasters to those who do internet marketing. They were house wives and senior citizens who had started writing there in their free times. They loved the site because its more of social networking site like Facebook for them. Then they started earning money for their lenses so they started making more lenses.  Squidoo encourage everyone to make lenses they didn’t both asking members to make quality  so members started focusing on quantity.

Then since Google Panda update sites like Squidoo and Hub pages started getting hit. Squidoo must have lost traffic and ranking because they started reacting pretty strongly. There were new rules and stuff and they started deleting and locking lenes right and left. Squidoo used to have a Alexa rank around 75 and now it’s over 400.  Maybe they think Locking and deleting lenses will get them back to where they were. But I doubt. They are loosing their more loyal writers than spammers.

Spammers don’t care about these rules or lens locking. They make low quality lenses just to get back-links. and usually the process is automated and use spun content.  If one lens is deleted then just make another. But real writers take time to make a lenses and they put all their love into the lens so it hurts them when their lens is locked and delete. They would do everything to get their lenses unlocked if they know what are the reasons. But Squidoo really don’t provide much info about why they lock a lens.

Anyway long story in short, I have started developing this blog. I will write here about anything and everything. Maybe I will have better success than I had there at Squidoo. At least here it’s my site and my content. Nobody going to delete it.