amazon affiliate program

Amazon Affiliate Rules Have Changed

amazon affiliate program

Amazon affiliate program has toughen their sign up rules. Now they don’t just approve your application after you submit it. First you can sign up and start using their ads in your site. Once You makes your first sales they check your traffic and site before decided you are going to be accepted or not. So if you have questionable traffic sources or you have questionable site content they can reject you even after  making some sales. So do not get panic you haven’t receive any mails from them after submitting the your signup application. What you have to do is start your promotions and get few items sold.

For some strange reason they haven’t mentioned this in the site yet but I saw someone ask about this and they answered in Amazon Associate fan page in Facebook (Here).  Still it’s one of the easiest way to start earning money online. Very newbie friendly too. It works with almost all niches related to products and even services.

It’s so easy anyone can do that. You don’t even need to know about search engine optimization stuff or all the internet marketing techniques. You don’t even need your own domain name or paid hosting. You can start with a Google Blogger account.  Signup and start a blog about something interest you. Start posting one post per day and in 2 months there will be 60 posts at least.  Apply for Amazon and then edit your few blog posts everyday and add a link or ad from Amazon.  Should edit all posts same time because Blogger might thing you are a spammer.

Make sure all posts have unique content at least 200 words per post.  Careful not to add too many links specially when your blog is brand new.  So You can earn money using Amazon affiliate program without spending lots of time for SEO or promotions. But more work means more money.