Whats AdSense

What’s AdSense ? I think at least 70% of people who use internet know what is AdSense. It’s a Googles famous PPC network which help web site owners to earn money by displaying text and image ads send by the company. It was not hard to sighup early days like in 2004 when they have started this network but now it’s not easy. To apply AdSense you need to have a decent web site which is couple of months old and has unique content. Also you can’t apply with Adult sites, gambling sites or sites which has warez or things like these. There is a list of sites you can’t use for AdSense.

It’s very simple how it works. They give you a code and you have to add it to your web pages. When Ads start display. If your site visitors find anything interesting an click one of these ads you get paid. Value of a click could be anything between $0.05 to $20. You might get less or more than this time to time but it’s really rare anyone getting a $20 click. Clicking on your ads doesn’t work. You will be banned long before you get paid. It doesn’t matter how you do it they find out. You don’t get second chances. Once you are banned you are banned for life. So it’s better use your account correctly.

Another reason why people get banned is traffic sources. Stick with search engine traffic and quality traffic sources like those. Traffic exchanges are a big no. Also you get paid better for Traffic from North America and Europe for most of these keywords. AdSense is the best way to earn money online for those who start things. But you must read everything in their TOS and follow all rules to word. If they disable your account there’s very little chance for getting it back. Also there are no real alternatives for AdSense either.