BubbleWS Payment Options

I realized something few days ago when I was reading a Bubble written by Staff. BubbleWS work only for those who live in USA or where you can receive money into your Paypal account. Or in other words if you are live in a country where you can’t receive money to your Paypal account then no point of using BubbleWS. You can’t receive money. They send money only to Paypal accounts. If you are in USA then you are lucky. You have several methods like Paypal, Check, Visa Gift Card and Buy me option. So if you are not in USA then only way to receive money is Paypal. If not don’t bother wasting time for it. It’s sad they haven’t add this to their TOS. They should have status thing clearly somewhere so people could know this before they signup and start writing. Whoever owns BubbleWS their management skills are pretty low. No body know who is owner or where he/she from since Domain Whios is hidden.

I’m not telling Squidoo is great. They are getting worse from bad but I do like their site structure how they do payments. At least everyone know what they receive and no problem there. Nobody complain about Squidoo payments.

I should look what other options out there. If there are any Squidoo or BubbleWS like sites which send money to international users by check or Payoneer card plz let me know so I can share those here. I found couple of sites but all use Paypal only.