Reformatting Computer

Reformatting Computer

Yesterday I had finished backing up all the files I need so I could format my desktop computer today. It was getting slow and Firefox kinda acting wired. It’s over a year since I have formatted the computer so it’s time. First I made a check list which files i need to save like Firefox and Chrome bookmarks, plugins, a list of all the software I had, Download folders etc. Then I started formatting PC today morning. It was not a big deal only take about an hour but installing all software because there was like 20 software to install.

Operating system is Windows XP. Yep still using it. My Desktop is a DualCore 2.5 with 3 GB DDR2 RAM. I don’t think Windows 7 is good for it. Also Windows XP works find and I’m comfortable with it. Windows XP has been around for more than 10 years so I know this OS well. It works fine with all the software I use for work and yet to find anything wrong with it. Plan to use it till I go for a Core i3 or something higher.

I think it’s a good practice keeping all your computer drivers saved in PC. That way no need to search everywhere to find missing driver CDs or realize you don’t have network driver when you are done with formatting. Or download all drivers before start formatting.

Anyway I use bunch of free and open source software which I had to download all latest versions. No point of installing all those outdated versions I have in PC. The very first software to download was the virus guard. I use COMODO Antivirus which is free and very good. Also they have everything including firewall which probably is one of the best free firewall software you can find today. Also then came VLC player, Win RAR, FireFox, Chrome, Skype, Gtalk, XP Burner etc.

I’m happy reformatting computer is done and I feel so fresh now.