Heat Wave 2013

Heat waves 2013

Seems series of head waves happening around the world since start of this year. It has around happened in USA, India, UK, France and now it’s happening is China in some regions temperature has rinsed to 40c  ! BBC reports said already 20 or people has died because of heat.  It’s already become an very hot summer of many countries which usually welcome summer.  It’s not just humans effected but animals too.  Specially zoo animals who live in concrete enclosers.  In Shanghai Zoo, Tigers and lions receiving frozen meat and Chimpanzees having their fruits froze.  People are not that lucky to get any froze food but news says waterparks and lakes are packed with people.

What might cause these terrible heatwaves ? Is it global warming ? Or Those 2 big Tsunamis changes whole global climate patterns ? Whatever it is ever since 2000, there’s rise in Natural disasters like Earthquakes, Floods, Tsunamis,  Snow storms, Wild fires and now heat waves.  Maybe mother nature has decided it’s time for humankind to start their extinction. Humans have responsive for  destruction of over 75%  of rain forests in last 500 years and it’s still happening. African countries having decades long droughts and starvation.  North pole is melting already. So maybe Nature has finally decided it has had enough of it ..