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Squidoo Still Sucks 2014

Squidoo Still Sucks

Yep. Squidoo Still Sucks !  Last year, in May 2013 was the start of Squidoo going down the hill. They had freaked out Googles search engine algorithm changes and start making changes which they thought going to improve their site. But it seems things has gotten worse since then.  Maybe Squidoo now having better profits but not their users. They have started locking and delete lenses right and left and I don’t think there’s a single Squidoo user who hasn’t effected.  I have seen so many who just deleted their lenses and account after that. Not spammers but real writers who used to build quality content and spend hours everyday working on their lenses. Squidoo used to had below 100 Alexa rank but now they are over 400. I guess that alone shows how many users they have lost.

I have never been a big earner at Squidoo. Those days I had a Squidoo account with half dozen lenses and these were just sitting there. I was earning few cents every month and an Amazon sale here and there. There were no out going links to other sites and all content in every lens were unique content.  But I found almost all were locked. I tried to edit few lenses but nothing worked. I didn’t want to waste my time there so I just took a backup and removed all sites from there like many other people.

BubbleWS is a great Squidoo Alternative

I have started using BubbleWS. It’s a different type of site but worth time I have spent there. I have received payment on time and I have been paid around $150 – $200 per month. It’s lot easy to make posts and earn money there. All you need to do is good unique content with at least 200 words and you can get paid without a problem.  I even made a post about how to do it properly at BubbleWS. You can read it here >> Link.

Squidoo say they remove lenses because those are low quality or some other problem which can be related to search engines. I did an interesting experiment about this too. I have created a Google blog and added all those posts. Within 3-4 days all those posts ranked same at my Squidoo lens used to be. Good thing is I get to earn 100% from AdSense and Amazon earnings since it’s my own blog.  So whatever they are telling about this quality content and search engine thing is a total BS. I guess every good thing comes to a end too at some time. So this is the time for Squidoo.

It’s after 6 months Squidoo still sucks.

I’m telling this because I wanted to test Squidoo again and gave it a go again. Two weeks ago I made another Squidoo account and created one lens with 1500+ words. I added a module everyday with some unique content.  Something I noticed was it’s so hard to get Likes or Social sharing. After 5 days and around 40 Likes and comments in other lenses I received 10 Likes and Comments. Most of these were from Giant Squids who thought it’s a good lens.  So then I received the mail telling the lens is locked because either someone has complained about it or it has not followed their new rules. Lens was about just freshwater fish and I don’t know why someone would complain about it but One complain is enough for them to automatically lock a lens ? Also I’m not a newbie at Squidoo so I know none of their rules are broken.   I made sure of that.

Move your Locked lens content to Blogger or Self-Hosted WordPress Blogs

If you are planing to create a Squidoo account for earning money online I suggest just take a breath and think again. It will be a waste of time.  If you think I have some kind of beef with Squidoo you can search Google for Squidoo reviews and search for reveiws made after July 2013. You will see experienced Squidoo writers moving from the site by 100’s just like rats abandoning those ship about to doom. If you have enough time you can always make an account and test your self.  Better try BubbleWS or start a blog. If you are a Squidoo user how had so many locked lenses then for you it will be more profitable and easier to start a self-hosted WordPress blog or Google Blogger blog and post those lenses are articles there. Imagine Modules as posts and make a post everyday until you have 30 posts in your blog. Then you can make a post per week.  It’s easy to signup for Google AdSense using Google Blogger and also you can create a Amazon Affiliate account without a problem too. This way you will be getting 100% profits for your work and also no need to worry about locked lenses anymore.

Alternatives for Squidoo

The best alternative for Squidoo is having a self-hosting WordPress blog. That way nobody will have control over your content. Best best option is Google Blogger account. But be careful when your blog is new because these days they watch out for spammers.  But if you post unique content  then nothing should be a problem. There are other alternatives you can try,


There many more sites like these which can list here but I will write another post about all alternatives with in-depth details. The most important thing is not putting all eggs in same basket. You can’t be 100%  sure about future. Look at what happened to Squidoo.  Few years back there were users who earned over $3000 per month from Squidoo alone. Not anymore. So always you need to have several revenue making methods.

Earn Money Online Internet

Amazon Affiliate Rules Have Changed

amazon affiliate program

Amazon affiliate program has toughen their sign up rules. Now they don’t just approve your application after you submit it. First you can sign up and start using their ads in your site. Once You makes your first sales they check your traffic and site before decided you are going to be accepted or not. So if you have questionable traffic sources or you have questionable site content they can reject you even after  making some sales. So do not get panic you haven’t receive any mails from them after submitting the your signup application. What you have to do is start your promotions and get few items sold.

For some strange reason they haven’t mentioned this in the site yet but I saw someone ask about this and they answered in Amazon Associate fan page in Facebook (Here).  Still it’s one of the easiest way to start earning money online. Very newbie friendly too. It works with almost all niches related to products and even services.

It’s so easy anyone can do that. You don’t even need to know about search engine optimization stuff or all the internet marketing techniques. You don’t even need your own domain name or paid hosting. You can start with a Google Blogger account.  Signup and start a blog about something interest you. Start posting one post per day and in 2 months there will be 60 posts at least.  Apply for Amazon and then edit your few blog posts everyday and add a link or ad from Amazon.  Should edit all posts same time because Blogger might thing you are a spammer.

Make sure all posts have unique content at least 200 words per post.  Careful not to add too many links specially when your blog is brand new.  So You can earn money using Amazon affiliate program without spending lots of time for SEO or promotions. But more work means more money.

Earn Money Online Internet

BubbleWS Crash Course

BubbleWS Crash Course

I have used BubbleWS for 8 months and have received every single redeem I made.  Also Have daily read posts of regular members there for months and seens some earn money just like I have and some missing payments and then give up the whole thing.  It’s so simple to earn money online using Bubble site. You just have to understand how their system works stay within their known and unknown rules. Yes not every rule is documented there and ranting about that won’t take you anywhere.  You just need to know what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. So here’s a BubbleWS Crash Course for anyone who want to try making a buck there.  Last year I read a guide similar to this one which helped with to understand BuubleWS site and get paid without loosing any payments. Here I’m trying to make more in-depth BubbleWS Guide.

BubbleWS is a Scam ?

BubbleWS is Not A Scam

I have seen so many bad reviews about BubbleWS people accusing it’s a scam. First I thought it must be a scam so I hadn’t bothers about it. One day I was too lazy to do anything and was bored with my work so I started reading both negative and positive reviews about BubbleWS. After reading dozens of senseless negative reviews and then few good positive reviews I had decided to give it a go. Because unless you try it you would never know.

First I read everything they have in site. Terms of Service, Privacy and rules and guidelines scatted around site in different pages. Then read articles inside the side about payment problems and various things. Last thing I did was carefully going through articles of those members who claimed they are getting paid without a problem.

Common thing among these members was all of them write good long articles. No short crappy stuff. They organized and formatted their articles well with images, tags, paragraphs etc. They reply to comments made in their posts and keep articles alive. None of them bother much about social sharing or trying gain traffic from it.  Most of them are men and women write genuine articles. I think many of them are moved their from Squidoo.

So I started writing too. First month I made one 200+ words post per day. Shared those only once in Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Made sure all posts are neat and easy to read. Added a Royalty free image for each post. Started connection to active people and read and comment on their posts.

I received my first payment in 30 days with 20 articles. I have never been hyper active there. My max is 5 posts per day and I would spend hour to read and make comments in others posts.  I have received every single payment since then.  So yes it works if you stay within rules and write good quality articles. So no, it’s not a scam.

It’s not something you can make a quick buck. Also they do go pay for you just because you write bunch of words to cover minimum requirement. So if you haven’t got paid it means you have done something wrong with or without knowing.  Or it might not be for you.

Understanding BubbleWS System

It’s important to understand how their system works. They pay you for views posts get, comments your posts receive and Likes your posts gets. Also You can share your posts in given social media sites only once and they pay you for that too. They earn money from the ads displaying in your posts and they pay you from what they earn.  So they can pay you only if they earn and for earning money they need their advertising system works. You are clicking on those ads doesn’t work. Your posts need to get traffic from search engines. Social Media sites and other Bubble members. Just stick to basics. Don’t like to push limits. You might try things like retweet blasts, fake traffic and anything like these stuff but you won’t get paid. They look at everything before paying you.  It’s a Business not a charity so make sure you don’t do any unethical stuff.

Basic Bubble Rules

There are several basic rules you need to know. Make sure you know these all by heart. These few are important to stay out of trouble and get payments without missing a single one.  Some of these are listed in their site and some of these are which I have found from various posts done by BubbleWS staff members.

  • Post more than 400 characters per post. That’s what the site says. But don’t count on that. I noticed everyone who get paid without a problem make good long meaningful posts.  From my personal experience I can say you need to write at least 175-200 words to stay safe. I said words not characters.
  • If you are not in USA then you need to have a verified PayPal account to get paid. You must have it no other option. So before you hit the green button sort this out. If you are in USA then you have more payment options like checks, Visa gift card etc.
  • Content you write has to be unique. No copy and paste stuff from other sites. Also it has to be in English not other languages.  Always make sure your content is not duplicated anymore. There are free online tools which helps you to weed out duplicate content from your posts >> Here.
  • Does not abuse likes/views/comment system. Don’t go asking for Likes or Comments. This can get you banned or at least you will loose your payments. Also don’t copy and paste same comment everywhere.
  • If you are going to post a photo then make sure it’s a your own photo or a Royalty free photo. Means free to use, share or modify. Not every photo you find in Google search is free to use.  Also make sure to use the source of image.
  • Do not post Referral or Affiliate links to other websites. If it’s your own site don’t post a link to that in every post. You can use a link as a resource or source when it’s necessary.
  • You can make only 10 posts per day not more than that. More effective writing better quality articles which will attract visitors from both BubbleWS site and also from search engines rather than writing 10 meaningless articles. They don’t pay for articles but for activities.

Creating Posts

You have to try to be creative when you make posts. Cool thing about BubbleWS is unlike other profit sharing sites like Squidoo, You can write about anything you want. You can write reviews or about your life or even a ranting about a person or something happened to you. So just keep a check list for your posts. here are some good guide lines.

  • Make a catchy title. This way you will attract more people to your post. Remember you earn from Views, Likes and Comments so having a good eye catchy title is important.
  • Never make short content posts. Always make sure you have at least 200 words. You can use MS word to count words or you can use a online tool like this (Here). Posts doesn’t have to be too long but just long enough.
  • Make sure your post is readable. Break it into paragraphs  and don’t put more than 110 words for each or it become hard to read. Remember if other members can’t read your post fast then they won’t comment on it. Means you loose money.
  • Always use a image for your posts. It make it catchy and you will get more views.  Remember the drill, Only Royalty free images nothing else. Also post the source of your image. If it’s from gettyimages then use that or whichever the site.
  • Use tags for your posts. Tags works like categories. All you have to do is make it like this >> +MyPost, +EarnMoney, +FunnyMoments etc write word phrase like in these examples.

Write something interesting. Don’t stick with your daily life stuff, Also don’t write recipes from Google which is taken as duplicate content.  If you write cool content you get get more people viewing, Liking commenting your posts and you will earn more money.  Here’s an example for a good post. It’s a simple post with minimum content but have all these rules in it >> Here

Building Connections

Building Connections

BubbleWS is basically social networking site. It’s important to have a good number of people connected to you. Because over 80% of your Views, Likes and comments will come from your connections. So you have to connect with people who are active and also ” normal “. You will see people just behave like spammers and they will get banned sooner or later.  Avoid them connect with good people who are posting and commenting daily. Make a list of people who comment in your posts everywhere and just do same to all the people in your list.

  •  when you comment in other members posts read the comments already there. Connect to people who do good unique comments.
  • When you connect to person leave a message in their profile or they might not noticed it. Just drop a short message like “Hello! connected. Have a nice day”.
  • Make sure to check posts of your connections regularly and leave interesting comments. When they notice you are doing it they will do same. Once a while you will find one who don’t return the favor and just remove them and keep commenting others.
  • Some people only Like others posts and expect others to do both Like and Comment. This won’t happen. BubbleWS have a bad notification system. If the person have a big lot of connections then there is a good change he/she never see your Like. But when you make comment it’s always stay in post and they will see those.
  • You should have a good rato between Comments and Likes. I use 1:3 rato. If you can make more comments it’s fine too. But this process take time.

It really doesn’t matter if you have 5000 connections if none of them read or like your posts. It’s important to have active connection.  Only way to do it is fining good members and check their posts often and comment. They will do same for your posts too. It’s a win win situation. This is the best way to earn money here. More active connection means you are going to earn more money.

BubbleWS Payments

Minimum payment used to be $25 but now it is $50. Once you redeem it takes at least 72 hours for them to start the payment process. If you use PayPal then an E-check will be received in 4-5 says most of the time. It might take longer but not often. If you haven’t received your redeem money by 7 days then better contact them.

Earning Money from BubbleWS

This is what they say about earning money,

You will get paid for every view, comment, like/dislike and social media share on every post you create. The payout (per) will vary based on how much ad revenue Bubblews is making at the time. Although we do split ad revenue 50/50. We believe every user should be an equal partner.

So trying to abuse View, Comments,  Likes or Social sharing won’t you get anywhere. This might be one reason why many fail to earn from this program. Write more about things which will attract people from search engines and social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Also whole earning thing depends on your personality. There are some people who have an attractive personality or writing style and gain big connection base which like and comment in their posts daily.  These people don’t need to make too many posts they only has to  make couple of good posts and then keep these posts active by actively engaging in comments.  Those who have no special writing skills or can attract people need to do it hard way.

If you are one of them then you need to plan everything. First find one how much you can earn per post per day. Setup a daily earning goal like 5 USD per day. If you can earn $1 per post then you need to make 5 posts per day. You need to find ways to maximize earnings.

Gaining more connections is a good way to increase your earnings. Hardest part is commenting on everyones posts. This need time more than you spend for your own posts. Also find when most of your connections online.  You have post your articles when your connections are active.

Internet Virtual Currency

Bitcoins at risk

Your Bitcoins at risk if you use it on an Android device. The Bitcoin Foundation has said a weakness in the Android mobile operating system has left users of the virtual currency Bitcoin vulnerable to theft. This problem is related to Android “wallet” apps such as Bitcoin Wallet and BitcoinSpinner. itcoin said the wallet problem had to do with Android’s ability to generate sequences of secure random numbers needed to keep the wallets safe. Some members in Bitcoin official forum fear users might have already lost thousands of dollars worth coins due to this vulnerability.

bitcoins at risk

BitCoin is the most popular among online virtual currencies. Some made huge profits when the currency system quickly gained so much popularity among those who looking new ways investing money online. Value per coin went up around $250 in peak times and now there is slow decrese in value. This new finding not going to help it either. More people might want to get rid of their BitCoins than keeping those still value go high.

Entertainment Hollywood Movies

Fast and Furious 6

Fast and Furious 6 was another superb creation about fast cars and lots of blowing ups. I think this serious getting better and better. It’s already the 6th movie and they have able to keep fans stick to the movie serious.  Also they are making things better and more existing. Something sad happen in this movie too at end.

Like all fast and furious movies then one has some great classic muscle cars. Here’s some of these great models,

  • 1967 Chevrolet Camaro.
  • 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona.
  • 1969 Ford Anvil Mustang.
  • 1970 Ford Escort RS1600 MK1.
  • 1970 Plymouth Barracuda.
  • 2006 Aston Martin Vanquish (not a classic but hell it will be).
  • 2012 Bensopra Nissan Skyline GT-R (Brian O’Conner’s favorite).
  • 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8.

This time they even use a tank ! I’m not sure most of it are special effects or not (has to be) but they have done a great job. But that’s not all. There is this great Plane chase which happen fro 15 minutes. Okey it’s not something happen or have a chance to happen in real life because there aren’t  runaways where they can do a stunt like that but it’s impressive. Not sure about the plane they are using it for. Looking like a C-5 Galaxy or Antonov 124.

They end the movie with showing what’s going to happen in Fast and Furious 7. There will be another new actor a known one in another car chasing movie series. But this time he act as villain.

fast and furious

1969 Dodge Charger Daytona


8 hour sleep

Do we really need to sleep 8 hours at night ? Also it’s better for going to bed before 12 at night ? I don’t know these are myths or real things. But most people believe these. No doubt body need sleep. It has to shut down things and have to cool down like everything else the problem is how many hours ? I try to sleep 7 hours. These days i do my best goto bed at 11.30 or 12 and then I wake up at 6.30 a.m or 7 a.m. If sleep more than that I feel terrible.

I have read some medical articles say sleep connected to stress, rapid aging, diabetics, heard problems etc. But I have heard the iron lady of 80’s Margaret Thatcher said be slept only 4 hours at night. But maybe it depends on each person. Also there are several habits which even proven by scientists as good. Drinking glass was water before going to bed can decrease chances having a stroke in sleep. Also it says thinking something good before sleep can make your next day better. Reading few pages of a book before sleep known as good for health too.

Earn Money Online Internet

Whats AdSense

What’s AdSense ? I think at least 70% of people who use internet know what is AdSense. It’s a Googles famous PPC network which help web site owners to earn money by displaying text and image ads send by the company. It was not hard to sighup early days like in 2004 when they have started this network but now it’s not easy. To apply AdSense you need to have a decent web site which is couple of months old and has unique content. Also you can’t apply with Adult sites, gambling sites or sites which has warez or things like these. There is a list of sites you can’t use for AdSense.

It’s very simple how it works. They give you a code and you have to add it to your web pages. When Ads start display. If your site visitors find anything interesting an click one of these ads you get paid. Value of a click could be anything between $0.05 to $20. You might get less or more than this time to time but it’s really rare anyone getting a $20 click. Clicking on your ads doesn’t work. You will be banned long before you get paid. It doesn’t matter how you do it they find out. You don’t get second chances. Once you are banned you are banned for life. So it’s better use your account correctly.

Another reason why people get banned is traffic sources. Stick with search engine traffic and quality traffic sources like those. Traffic exchanges are a big no. Also you get paid better for Traffic from North America and Europe for most of these keywords. AdSense is the best way to earn money online for those who start things. But you must read everything in their TOS and follow all rules to word. If they disable your account there’s very little chance for getting it back. Also there are no real alternatives for AdSense either.

Earn Money Online Internet

BubbleWS Payment Options

I realized something few days ago when I was reading a Bubble written by Staff. BubbleWS work only for those who live in USA or where you can receive money into your Paypal account. Or in other words if you are live in a country where you can’t receive money to your Paypal account then no point of using BubbleWS. You can’t receive money. They send money only to Paypal accounts. If you are in USA then you are lucky. You have several methods like Paypal, Check, Visa Gift Card and Buy me option. So if you are not in USA then only way to receive money is Paypal. If not don’t bother wasting time for it. It’s sad they haven’t add this to their TOS. They should have status thing clearly somewhere so people could know this before they signup and start writing. Whoever owns BubbleWS their management skills are pretty low. No body know who is owner or where he/she from since Domain Whios is hidden.

I’m not telling Squidoo is great. They are getting worse from bad but I do like their site structure how they do payments. At least everyone know what they receive and no problem there. Nobody complain about Squidoo payments.

I should look what other options out there. If there are any Squidoo or BubbleWS like sites which send money to international users by check or Payoneer card plz let me know so I can share those here. I found couple of sites but all use Paypal only.

Computers Operating Systems Software

Reformatting Computer

Yesterday I had finished backing up all the files I need so I could format my desktop computer today. It was getting slow and Firefox kinda acting wired. It’s over a year since I have formatted the computer so it’s time. First I made a check list which files i need to save like Firefox and Chrome bookmarks, plugins, a list of all the software I had, Download folders etc. Then I started formatting PC today morning. It was not a big deal only take about an hour but installing all software because there was like 20 software to install.

Operating system is Windows XP. Yep still using it. My Desktop is a DualCore 2.5 with 3 GB DDR2 RAM. I don’t think Windows 7 is good for it. Also Windows XP works find and I’m comfortable with it. Windows XP has been around for more than 10 years so I know this OS well. It works fine with all the software I use for work and yet to find anything wrong with it. Plan to use it till I go for a Core i3 or something higher.

I think it’s a good practice keeping all your computer drivers saved in PC. That way no need to search everywhere to find missing driver CDs or realize you don’t have network driver when you are done with formatting. Or download all drivers before start formatting.

Anyway I use bunch of free and open source software which I had to download all latest versions. No point of installing all those outdated versions I have in PC. The very first software to download was the virus guard. I use COMODO Antivirus which is free and very good. Also they have everything including firewall which probably is one of the best free firewall software you can find today. Also then came VLC player, Win RAR, FireFox, Chrome, Skype, Gtalk, XP Burner etc.

I’m happy reformatting computer is done and I feel so fresh now.